picture of an old house in a small town with a black cat on the porch by Caroline Jensen

Let’s talk gear! I am, admittedly, not a tech-brain. As a nearly 100% right-brained person, I can safely say that the guts of the gear only matter to me if they aren’t working. 🙂

That said, I LOVE my gear! Cameras and lenses get me to the place where I can create the art I want to make and the best camera for the job isn’t always the most expensive one.

My go-to cameras lately have been fancy point and shoots! Why? Well, I love to shoot spontaneously and that means a small and light form factor are very important for me. I have to be able to throw it in my purse or backpack easily, and these cameras make that possible.

My first camera is the Sony rx10 mark IV. I use this one constantly! It has a 24-600 mm equivalent zoom and amazing auto focus! The image quality has been phenomenal for a one-inch sensor too.

The second camera I am loving is the Sony rx100 mark VI. This tiny point and shoot shares a similar sensor to the previous camera, but fits in my pocket. The 24-200 equivalent zoom makes it super handy too.

The Sony a7III is my go-to full frame camera. For over a year it has been at my side, especially when I want to use the incredible Sony OSS 90mm macro. My favorite portrait lens is the Sony 55mm 1.8. It is the first Sony lens I purchased and still a huge favorite. I remember being blown away by the 3D quality of the images and getting super excited! I still am excited, but I just expect it to be awesome every time I pick it up. 😀

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