I love making discoveries when it comes to cameras, and I especially like making discoveries that make my life easier! Last night I was learning from the Sony Artisan extraordinaire, Bob Krist, that you could shoot dually on the rx10 mark 4. The rx 10 is my favorite superzoom, but I had not used it much for video, except for making short clips to create into cinemagraphs. He told me that you could shoot stills AS you shoot video and I got very excited! I used to do this with a DSLR, but that function became problematic until recently when the dual record mode joined mirrorless cameras! You can learn more about that HERE.

This whole discovery unfolded as I watched videos in bed (with cats on me), while my husband chatted with our son about his term paper and sorted his laundry—all very mundane. The video, as you will see, is terribly underwhelming, but it produced a memorable picture for me that tells the story of a moment in my life. That is everything to me. 🙂

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