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My heart just loves birds, and all things related to trees. As a child, I wanted to be an ornithologist. Flying always seemed like an impossible dream, and I wanted to sing so pretty in the morning. I drove my parents nuts always wanting to bury every fallen friend I found, and my heart broke for how frail they seemed when limp in my hands. My favorite bird of all time is the humble sparrow. They always seem happy to see you and bring joy to the most mundane places. 

The birds in these images are a mix of painted birds purchased at Creative Market and a raven I photographed by the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago. I cannot wait to add to my library of painterly birds that I plan on photographing and processing in a painterly style to add to images. 

Birds symbolize more than just freedom and frailty. They represent kindness to me as well. From the sparrow nearby to friendly ducks looking for bread, nothing makes me happier than a little song meant for me. 



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