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I really enjoy getting away and finding little stories in the country. For years, I have used my phone to spontaneously capture scenes that moved me, but the limitations of a phone have often been frustrating. The reach of the wide lens was poor, the quality was often very poor, and the file sizes were too small to really make large prints without a little bit of finessing in Photoshop. Last year I purchased the Sony RX10III. This camera is a bit bigger than a phone—I would put it in the small DSLR-size category, but the lens is fixed and zooms out to 600mm (35mm equivalent) with a wide end of 24mm equivalent.  This little camera has rocked my world! It is glued to my hip on every walk and sits next to me when I am a passenger in a car. I love that I can grab previously impossible shots with ease. It has quite literally opened up everything I see around me as a potential photo.

This kind of work is very therapeutic to me. Spending time looking for beauty and joy is always beneficial and I feel so blessed to be able to really get in there and make art, even from a moving vehicle. The electronic shutter and EVF let me compose scenes in very bright scenes that I would have had to abandon otherwise. It is wonderful when your gear stays out of your way and lets you get the shot just as you see it.

I call this camera my ‘crafty camera’ because it is perfect for composing my work in a myriad of ways. Being able to preview 24-600mm is a boon for artists wanting to collect images for compositing, get close to areas where you don’t want to scare your subject (think zoo or out in nature), or grab candid shots of genuine interaction (like a wedding or party). It is the perfect camera for taking visual notes of the world as you walk through it. 🙂

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