I am already miss my summer hygge garden. :) | Hygge Prints by Caroline Jensen

I am already miss my summer hygge garden. :)

Hygge is all about atmosphere, and nothing is more hygge to me (Caroline) than the smell of flowers in the garden. While mosquitos and wasps are not so hygge, watching the bees flutter from flower to flower is one of the things I most look forward to in summer. There is a peace that is unique to a garden, and it is important to me to help others find that peace.

I have a free course at the Creative Photography Network designed to help cultivate stress relief in the garden with your camera. Sometimes we need a purpose to make sitting still happen. We are such busy people! Taking the time to slow down, smell the flowers, hear the sounds of birds, bees, and fluttering leaves is all we need to recharge our batteries. This free course walks you through my top tips for slowing down and seeing nature closer, whether you have a nice camera with a macro lens or the phone in your pocket. Just follow the link and the download is available in the pinned posts. :) 

What happens when this beautiful time we have cultivated becomes impossible due to the onset of winter? We could jump into the warm and cozy things that winter has to offer...candles, fireplace crackles, hot drinks, cozy blankets, movie night with friends, but there is another option. Bring summer in for the winter! 

Mood and color are closely intertwined. If the vibrant colors of summer are too much for the monochrome of winter, choose pieces like this one: 


This image of early summer drumstick alliums bathed in the warm sunset feels at home with summer or winter decor. The golden glow is the crossover that binds the seasons together. Enjoy the golden glow and beauty of summer, even on the coldest days. 

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