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What are the colors of hygge?

Hygge can be hard to define, but only because the concept of hygge is very intimate and personal. The definition of what hygge is and what it looks like will differ based on each person. Yes, many hygge things overlap, but that is where the misconceptions creep in. 

The idea of 'hygge' is as much a feeling as it is a doing. Feelings may be conjured in any number of ways, unique to each person. Yes, we can generalize a little bit, but be careful of excising a definition that is too strict.

It only takes a minute of browsing on Pinterest to realize that the internet has put some pretty stringent parameters around this word. You might see interiors, color palettes, and eerily similar design ideas. Most will center around a minimalistic, Scandinavian vibe. The colors will be neutral and calm. Candles will glow in every room and pots of tea with linen cloths may be carefully displayed on wooden coffee tables. 

But wait....is this all there is to hygge? Decidedly, no. Hygge does have an alliance with many of the visual pictures above, but that isn't the concept in its entirety. Since it is very feeling-based, one must think about how their environment will look if they are to feel hyggelig, or like their environment is embracing them in a warm hug. How would that look to you? Your spouse? A friend? It may look different to each one. The color palette is important though, as some colors may add an energizing effect that contradicts a peaceful mood. There is one circumstance where intense colors may be peaceful...when they imitate one of the common elements of hygge...the glow of candles or a fireplace. 

Add a Golden Glow with Art

One of the common themes woven through hygge interiors is the warm glow of candles and the flicker of firelight. Hygge Prints offers images that give that glow through art! Each of these images feature vibrant colors, particularly fire-like colors of orange, yellow, and red. These colors can be very invigorating in some instances, but when mimicking the gentle glow of candles, they take on a much calmer mood. Context is key here. A red stoplight has a much more energetic frequency than the red embers glowing at the bottom of a fireplace.

I adore candles, but they are not convenient to run all day and battery candles only have so much life. Wall art that evokes the mood of a fire's glow is the perfect way to add that emotive dimension to any room, large or small.

The key takeaway is that each color can evoke a different mood depending on the circumstances and we can add any color to a hygge-inspired room, so long as that color evokes the emotions we wish to encourage.  

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