This is a super comfortable women’s dress/tunic for leggings!  It is also a pretty A-line dress for travel in my favorite 3/4 length sleeve. I am always looking for dresses like this! I have a bit of an apple shape and finding the perfect comfy dress for travel. It is also perfect for the gymnastics that photography brings into the mix! This Amazon Essentials dress is lightweight and thin, so it packs really tiny. It is both fashionable and comfortable! That is a great mix!  It drapes really nice and is loose in all the right places. I can dress it up and down with necklaces or scarves, plus it looks adorable with leggings or alone with bare legs in warmer weather. It is hands-down the most versatile dress/tunic I have purchased yet! The only drawback is it wrinkles just a little bit after being stuffed in a packing cube, BUT if you are careful when you roll it the wrinkles are minimal. Also, if you hang it in the bathroom when you shower, the steam does a great job of smoothing it all out. The fact that it is lightweight, SUPER soft and comfy, as well as being really versatile, more than makes up for it. The icing on the cake is the price. It is low enough that I can buy multiple colors. I pair mine with my scarves printed with my images You can check those out HERE. 


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