Lensbaby released their new, wide-angle version of their Edge lineup of lenses, the Lensbaby Edge 35. These lenses produce a line of sharp focus with gentle fall off into blur on either side of the line.

My first Lensbaby favorite was the Edge 80. It is a lens that I nearly wore out from constant use over many years. These lenses have the unique ability to serve as ‘normal’ lenses, in the sense that you may downplay the blur by shooting with the lens straight forward.

You can introduce blur as you tilt the lens in any direction off-center and the more you tilt, the greater the intensity the effect. The blur is elegant and easily integrated into a series of images shot with standard lenses. The lens creates a blur that has an emotional impact that is hard to describe, but easy to feel. It is a fun lens to shoot with as well. I find focusing extremely easy with this lens, especially when I use focus peaking and manual focus assist on my Sony cameras.

I captured these images at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. It was a bit of a trick to avoid the hordes of people milling around the quaint buildings, but an excited goat decided to pose for me. The lens is perfect for my style, which seeks to infuse the nature of timeless art in ordinary places.

I often get the question…is this lens worth it? I can truly say yes to this lens! As much as I love the longer Edge 80, this one is far better suited to indoor shooting and in tight spaces. If you are looking for a lens with a vintage feel, this is the lens for you. 🙂

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