How and Where to Print Digital Hygge Prints

We sell digital files at Hygge Prints. You may print each art piece in a way that best suits your home. All files purchased from Hygge Prints may be cropped to the size you desire for your space or a specific frame.

Printing houses may request proof that you are allowed to print your purchased files. We suggest you share a screenshot or printed purchase receipt to verify you have the right to print our artwork. 

Aspect Ratio and Printing

This is an aspect ratio chart. The video below will walk you through how to crop your Hygge Prints image to fit your frames. Remember, it is always best to choose a frame that fits your file perfectly, but sometimes cropping is necessary. Fortunately, Hygge Prints are high-resolution files and print well, even if you need to crop them a little. 

hygge prints print aspect ratio chart



We provide high-resolution JPEG files, and in some cases, vector files for scalable printing. Please note that vector files are designed to be seen from a distance and vary slightly from the photo version.

Vector and JPEG side by side comparison

We have you covered from a 4x6 desk print to a mural! Each of our files were created with cropping in mind too. Our abstract prints in particular lend themselves to various crop options. Your purchase license allows for you to crop as needed to fit your space. 

Where Should I Print My Hygge Print Images? 

I have always loved to print at a few professional printing houses, including WHCC, MPix, Photobarn, Shutterfly, Vistaprint and many more. You may be given the choice to color correct from your printing house. Select 'no' to retain the rich colors and depth of your original Hygge Print. 

Do you want to print huge? Try a vendor like The Poster Print Shop. They have options from archival canvas to vinyl options that stick to the wall! Their products are competitively affordable. 

Would you like an elegant circle or hexagon print? Try Whitewall! You may also find affordable round prints at Simply Color Lab!

Low on space, but want to switch out your art frequently? Choose prints that can be rolled and stored in tubes for space saving benefits. You can print posters very large and use wooded poster clips to hang the artwork on your wall. You can see a variety of hangers in this Etsy Shop.

Here are a few more options! 

 Affordable Large Format Printing


Bless it Forward!

When I was a child, our local library let you check out art. It was such a neat idea! We got a new art piece to hang on our wall every two weeks. Why not take this idea and run with it? 

Are you wanting to swap out your wall displays? Perhaps you changed your decor or wall color and want to try new art, but don't have a lot of space to store prints. Then, I suggest you bless it forward! Share your art with a friend to display for a period of time and then encourage them to swap with another friend when they are ready for change. Beautiful art is best seen and not hidden away in a closet. It's a win-win!