This image was created in one of those serendipitous ways that only happen when you are not trying.

I was looking to create an image for a tripod company, Vanguard, and quickly put a plan into action involving my children. My daughter sported a dancing gown and ballet scarf that she used for another project and I brought my son along just in case I needed some assistance.

My daughter perched herself on top of this massive pile of rocks while I set the tripod up ahead of her. Things were going smoothly, but…

I wasn’t planning on the weather–a stupid thing when you live in Minnesota! It was spring and the weather had warmed up nicely. That is until I drove a few seconds out onto our property.

What started at around 48 degrees and sunny, quickly plummeted into the low 20s with crazy wind and freezing rain! I told my son to run to the pickup and grab the polar parka in the back seat.

He tucked himself behind the rocks and dutifully jumped out and wrapped her into a puffy ball between shots. Her bare feet were slipping on the now-icy rocks, and the wind was enough to blow all of us over. We took about half a dozen shots and ran to the warmth of the running truck. That is spring in Minnesota!

In spite of the challenges, it turned out to be one of my most loved, and most recognized images. It has been published multiple times, won awards, and lives on to tell the story of quick-change weather and teamwork to get the job done.

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